Our Service

Our service guarantees:

  • Control of Your products in retail chains throughout Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus
  • Shelf replenishment, merchandise management and planogram-based placement, price control.
  • High-quality performance of technical works (“promo,” pallet layout, positioning of stands and promotional materials).
  • Placement of orders, promotion of new products on the market.
  • Management of the overall situation.
  • On-line processing and data representation (weekly and monthly reports on the work done as agreed with a customer). All employees have Android smartphones.


Nature of activities and effectiveness solutions:

  • Rending merchandising services not only on weekdays, but on weekends as well (Saturdays and Sundays).
  • Prompt delivery of advertising material to shopping centres – within 24 hours
  • Raising additional resources in case of a significant increase in the workload (seasonal sale).
  • Promptly response to customer comments or suggestions.
  • Effective distribution of workload.
  • Maintaining close cooperation with product manufacturers and distributors.
  • Choosing the most suitable form for administration of activities with consideration for the customer’s needs.


Our services include not only mechanical tasks in shop warehouses, but also continuous research of market, supervision of customer managers’ performance, intense merchandising, and so on.